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12 Things: Second Edition

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   Hey friends! Its me again! I wanted to continue with more personal posts because they are so fun to write! Today I am coming at y'all with another 12 Things post! My first 12 things did very well and you guys seemed to really enjoy it! Here we go! 



  1. I graduate high school in just over a week... and its kind of creeping me out. I feel like I am still 12 (lol) 
  2. I have always wanted to write a book. I actually wrote about 100 pages worth of a novel when I was about 14 but I got angry when I wasn't making progress and deleted it all... 
  3. If I could only eat two foods for the rest of my life it would be watermelon and sweet potatoes!! I roast my sweet potatoes with a little garlic salt and sometimes rosemary and it adds so much flavor! 
  4. I am writing this post while watching Andy Griffith. My dad has all 8 seasons on DVD. I grew up walking in the living room with Andy on the TV. (Giraffes are selfish... if you know, you know) 
  5. Currently I am obsessed with potted plants. (lol) I have butternut squash, lemon thyme, mint and marjoram. It is so fun and I feel like a proud mom when I water them. (hahaha) On Easter, I made a Lemon Tart and I used mint that I grew for garnish. #proudmoment
  6. I made it a goal for 2018 to read more. I haven't been doing so great. Hopefully after graduation I can pick up some books I have started! 
  7. The morning after graduation, I am going to Disney with my mom, best friend and her mom. As I typed that I literally got chills. I haven't been to Disney in six years and I know I am going to die of excitement when wee get there. 
  8. My top three dream travel destinations are: Vik, Iceland -- Vienna, Austria -- South Island of New Zealand 
  9. My favorite bloggers at the moment are: Twist of Lemons, Lee from America and Barefoot Blonde
  10. My favorite smell every is clean laundry. That or Christmas trees! 
  11. I hate avocados and coconut water. I'm kind of a health nut, and I love trying new things but I cannot stand avos or coconut water... although I really like avocados in recipes and I even like guac... the world may never know 
  12. I love photography. My dream job would be a full time photographer for National Geographic. If you've ever seen Secret Life of Walter Mitty (one of the greatest movies of all time) Sean O'Connell is the dream job! 


Hope you guys enjoyed! See ya later! 

Vega Creative Collaboration

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Hey friends! A few weeks ago, SPC had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with a local small business, Vega Creative. Vega Creative is based out of Augusta, Georgia and Anna, the owner, is from Prattville! Anna is so sweet and such a blessing to work with! Anna painted a one of a kind Prattville watercolor map... and let me tell you, it is precious. If you are a Prattville local, shoot me a message and we can schedule a pickup! If you aren't local to Prattville, then head on over to Anna's Etsy store and snap you one! 

Travel Essentials

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No matter what time of the year it is, traveling is always around the corner. We all know what it feels like to hop on a plane or a jump in the car and realize you've forgotten some major essential... and the slight panic that follows. No worries now, we've got you covered. 

Six Ways To Wear It: See the Good

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Good afternoon everybody! September Paper Company's first shirt ever was sold in May of 2017. I have loved expanding the company into a more wide range of product, especially clothes. I mean who doesn't love clothes? Believe it or not, I see people wearing my tees around town quite a bit and it makes me jump for joy. It makes me so happy to see my products in use. Here are six ways to wear our See the Good Tee. 


1. Paired with Denim 

Who doesn't love a good pair of jeans? Whether its cut offs or rolled at the ankles, this tee will look perfect with this casual go-to outfit. 



2. Athletic 

Soooo maybe you hit up the gym, or maybe you didn't, nobody needs to know. Pair our tee with your favorite pair of workout shorts or leggings and you are good to go! 


3. One word: Corduroy 

Probably one of my favorite combos... with anything... ever. Corduroy is my weakness. Pair our tee with a button up skirt and toss on a hat and dance the night away. 



4. Paired with a Killer Skirt 

Wow! Okay, I take it back! This is my fav combo. You will definitely turn heads wearing this bad boy. Tuck in our tee and pair it a long flowy skirt and work it! 



5. Black Pants 

Pair our tee with your favorite pair of black pants. Whether its jeans, joggers, leggings, jeggings or anything in between, you will look too good in this combo. Tuck in our tee on one side to give it a little something else and pair with some heeled booties. 



6. Patterned Bottoms 

A good aspect about this tee is it is simple. Not much is going on, so it leaves SO much room for creativity in your wardrobe. Pair our tee with stripes, polka dots, herringbone or gingham, add a cardigan or jacket and get to work. 



Hope you enjoyed! 

P.S. We are doing a presale over on our Facebook page right now before we reorder this shirt! Check it out to make sure you snap one! You can find it here!





12 Things You Didn't Know About Me

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Welp, I'm here on this cold day and as I was sitting down in my kitchen I found a little bit of inspiration inside of me to write a blog post. A funny thing my process of writing blogs posts is the time between when I write it and publish it. It takes a while but this one is coming straight for you! This blog is in no way about me, but I figured it might be fun to know who is behind the computer. Here are 12 things you didn't know about me. 

  1. I swam competitively all throughout high school. Granted, I wasn't very good, but I did it. Swimming is literally one of my favorite activities ever. 
  2. I spent the summer in between my junior and senior year of high school in Honduras. I volunteered at a malnutrition clinic and an orphanage but I was mostly working at a day camp for kids, loving on them kiddos. 
  3. Every summer growing up I went to church camp and I loved it so much. 
  4. I love rainy weather especially because I get to wear Wellies!!!!
  5. If I could live in flowy dresses for the rest of my life, I would. 
  6. My top favorite movies are Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Beauty and the Beast and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. 
  7. When I was itty bitty, my hair was extremely blonde. 
  8. Since I was little I have always wanted to work at Disney World. (Ideally as a Belle, but beggars can't be choosers). 
  9. I really enjoy show tunes.
  10. The order in which I like chocolate from least to greatest is milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. (Don't get me wrong I love ALL chocolate). 
  11. To this day I still have a massive collection of Junie B. Jones books on my bookshelf. 
  12. Christmastime is my favorite time ever. (You definitely already knew this one). 

Hope you enjoyed! 

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Letter

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Dear Friend... Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your gift. It’s such a beautiful candle. Honestly, it’s the prettiest candle I’ve laid my eyes on. The way it just sits there on my kitchen counter, showing the world its beauty. I cannot wait to light it up and fill my house with the smell of pumpkin pie. Every time I light it up, I will think of you. You and that candle are one and the same. If only my words could express my true and honest gratitude… Hope to see you soon.


Your Long Lost Friend...

Favorite Holiday Traditions

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Happy Holidays everyone! I am so happy to finally be able to say that! Christmas, as you already know, is my favorite time of the year! A few weeks ago, I asked on our Facebook page what was the #1 holiday tradition you look forward to every year. If you want to be involved in our next post like this, go like our Facebook page! We are sharing some of our favorites comments. Merry Christmas! 


"Christmas Eve with my brother and his family. Dinner, games, gifts, and children's anticipation of what Santa will bring." - June H. 

"Watching Christmas Vacation with my fam!!" - Savannah M

"Cutting out and decorating Christmas sugar cookies with the kids while blasting Christmas music! As they've gotten older it's been awesome watching how the decorating part has changed. We still aren't winning any decorating contests, but they are pretty creative!" - Cala O. 

"A breakfast quiche every morning and watching the lampoons Christmas vacation." - Anna D. 

"Our annual Christmas light tour...We all wear our pajamas & drive all over the tri-county area to find the coolest light displays. We've been doing it since the boys were babies & never miss. The last stop of the night is always Krispy Kreme when the "HOT" light is on." - Vanessa B. 

"Decorating the tree and drinking eggnog." - Laura C. 

"Watching Christmas movies by the fire." - Kim M. 

"Christmas Eve my grandfather would read the Christmas story and then Jesus’s birth from the Bible! Now my dad reads it! Love that tradition! ... Oh and putting ornaments on tree, my parents give us an ornament every year that is significant to something that happened! It’s always fun to talk about the memories when putting ornaments up." - Katie V. 

"Christmas Eve candle light service with family." - Jessica B. 

"My grandmothers cooking and hanging the ornaments on the Christmas tree!!" - Taylor B. 

"Watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve." - Kelsie J. 


Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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You know what they say, its the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving or after, the holiday season is just around the corner. There are so many wonderful, exciting things that happen during Christmastime. Did you know that about 86% of Americans buy gifts for friends and family during the holiday season? Thats roughly 277,780,000 people! For some, the idea of gift-giving can be a stressful one, and this one goes out to you. Just for you, here is September Paper Company's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. 

A Little About Me

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 Oh my goodness! Hi! I am so stinking excited to FINALLY launch this website. So much love and hard work went into creating the best possible place for you to come and shop. I can't even express the gratitude I have for every person who has contributed to September Paper Co. thus far. It is so crazy how this dream started when I was 15! Before the name, the company, the website, there was just a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

   I thought it would be fitting for my first blog post to introduce myself. So... Hello! My name is Gracie Cobb. I am 18 years-old and I founded September Paper Company in the spring of 2016. I was born and raised right here in Prattville, Alabama. I have one brother, a sister-in-law and two adorable nieces and my mom and dad are the best. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was nine years old and have loved Him everyday since. I started my first blog when I was 14. I am pretty sure I had a grand total of about 18 views in the four years the blog was on the internet. Consistency is key was the lesson I gathered. You live and you learn, right? 

   I am so excited not only for the future of this website and what it has in store but the future of this blog. Stay tuned for much more!