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Favorite Holiday Traditions

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Happy Holidays everyone! I am so happy to finally be able to say that! Christmas, as you already know, is my favorite time of the year! A few weeks ago, I asked on our Facebook page what was the #1 holiday tradition you look forward to every year. If you want to be involved in our next post like this, go like our Facebook page! We are sharing some of our favorites comments. Merry Christmas! 


"Christmas Eve with my brother and his family. Dinner, games, gifts, and children's anticipation of what Santa will bring." - June H. 

"Watching Christmas Vacation with my fam!!" - Savannah M

"Cutting out and decorating Christmas sugar cookies with the kids while blasting Christmas music! As they've gotten older it's been awesome watching how the decorating part has changed. We still aren't winning any decorating contests, but they are pretty creative!" - Cala O. 

"A breakfast quiche every morning and watching the lampoons Christmas vacation." - Anna D. 

"Our annual Christmas light tour...We all wear our pajamas & drive all over the tri-county area to find the coolest light displays. We've been doing it since the boys were babies & never miss. The last stop of the night is always Krispy Kreme when the "HOT" light is on." - Vanessa B. 

"Decorating the tree and drinking eggnog." - Laura C. 

"Watching Christmas movies by the fire." - Kim M. 

"Christmas Eve my grandfather would read the Christmas story and then Jesus’s birth from the Bible! Now my dad reads it! Love that tradition! ... Oh and putting ornaments on tree, my parents give us an ornament every year that is significant to something that happened! It’s always fun to talk about the memories when putting ornaments up." - Katie V. 

"Christmas Eve candle light service with family." - Jessica B. 

"My grandmothers cooking and hanging the ornaments on the Christmas tree!!" - Taylor B. 

"Watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve." - Kelsie J.