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12 Things: Second Edition

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   Hey friends! Its me again! I wanted to continue with more personal posts because they are so fun to write! Today I am coming at y'all with another 12 Things post! My first 12 things did very well and you guys seemed to really enjoy it! Here we go! 



  1. I graduate high school in just over a week... and its kind of creeping me out. I feel like I am still 12 (lol) 
  2. I have always wanted to write a book. I actually wrote about 100 pages worth of a novel when I was about 14 but I got angry when I wasn't making progress and deleted it all... 
  3. If I could only eat two foods for the rest of my life it would be watermelon and sweet potatoes!! I roast my sweet potatoes with a little garlic salt and sometimes rosemary and it adds so much flavor! 
  4. I am writing this post while watching Andy Griffith. My dad has all 8 seasons on DVD. I grew up walking in the living room with Andy on the TV. (Giraffes are selfish... if you know, you know) 
  5. Currently I am obsessed with potted plants. (lol) I have butternut squash, lemon thyme, mint and marjoram. It is so fun and I feel like a proud mom when I water them. (hahaha) On Easter, I made a Lemon Tart and I used mint that I grew for garnish. #proudmoment
  6. I made it a goal for 2018 to read more. I haven't been doing so great. Hopefully after graduation I can pick up some books I have started! 
  7. The morning after graduation, I am going to Disney with my mom, best friend and her mom. As I typed that I literally got chills. I haven't been to Disney in six years and I know I am going to die of excitement when wee get there. 
  8. My top three dream travel destinations are: Vik, Iceland -- Vienna, Austria -- South Island of New Zealand 
  9. My favorite bloggers at the moment are: Twist of Lemons, Lee from America and Barefoot Blonde
  10. My favorite smell every is clean laundry. That or Christmas trees! 
  11. I hate avocados and coconut water. I'm kind of a health nut, and I love trying new things but I cannot stand avos or coconut water... although I really like avocados in recipes and I even like guac... the world may never know 
  12. I love photography. My dream job would be a full time photographer for National Geographic. If you've ever seen Secret Life of Walter Mitty (one of the greatest movies of all time) Sean O'Connell is the dream job! 


Hope you guys enjoyed! See ya later!