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Six Ways To Wear It: See the Good

FashionGrace CobbComment

Good afternoon everybody! September Paper Company's first shirt ever was sold in May of 2017. I have loved expanding the company into a more wide range of product, especially clothes. I mean who doesn't love clothes? Believe it or not, I see people wearing my tees around town quite a bit and it makes me jump for joy. It makes me so happy to see my products in use. Here are six ways to wear our See the Good Tee. 


1. Paired with Denim 

Who doesn't love a good pair of jeans? Whether its cut offs or rolled at the ankles, this tee will look perfect with this casual go-to outfit. 



2. Athletic 

Soooo maybe you hit up the gym, or maybe you didn't, nobody needs to know. Pair our tee with your favorite pair of workout shorts or leggings and you are good to go! 


3. One word: Corduroy 

Probably one of my favorite combos... with anything... ever. Corduroy is my weakness. Pair our tee with a button up skirt and toss on a hat and dance the night away. 



4. Paired with a Killer Skirt 

Wow! Okay, I take it back! This is my fav combo. You will definitely turn heads wearing this bad boy. Tuck in our tee and pair it a long flowy skirt and work it! 



5. Black Pants 

Pair our tee with your favorite pair of black pants. Whether its jeans, joggers, leggings, jeggings or anything in between, you will look too good in this combo. Tuck in our tee on one side to give it a little something else and pair with some heeled booties. 



6. Patterned Bottoms 

A good aspect about this tee is it is simple. Not much is going on, so it leaves SO much room for creativity in your wardrobe. Pair our tee with stripes, polka dots, herringbone or gingham, add a cardigan or jacket and get to work. 



Hope you enjoyed! 

P.S. We are doing a presale over on our Facebook page right now before we reorder this shirt! Check it out to make sure you snap one! You can find it here!